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I just wanted to take a minute to let you both know how much I really enjoyed the course. I definitely feel I have benefited from your teachings and know I...

2-Day Conflict Resolution Skills Course, 2011,

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About The Family Mediation Practice

For enquiries please contact 07904 613293

Family disputes can be very stressful. Conflict, especially with those closest to us, can lead to anger, frustration and disappointment. It then becomes difficult to communicate constructively and find a resolution.

Family Mediation Practice is designed to help families cope and move forward with tailored approaches to suit the uniqueness of each family . Mediators work through family difficulties carefully and respectfully, giving everyone a chance to speak, until we find a way forward that is constructive and acceptable. There is more information about mediation on this website.  Visit our Mediation page.

The Family Mediation practice is Alison Ebbitt, one of Scotland’s most experienced family mediators. She specializes in supporting families affected by separation, divorce and other family difficulties. She brings commitment, professionalism, patience and compassion to the work. For more information about her background and qualifications see our About Us page.

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