Our Services

  • Training and Consultancy
    Employment & Workplace Mediation coming soon … Alison Ebbitt is offering training in the Young Persons’ Scottish Mental Health First Aid module. This training has proven to be of interest to those working in various disciplines with young people aged 11 – 17 years. Scottish Mental Health First Aid Training: Young People This training is designed for anyone... Read more »

  • Civil Partnership Dissolution
    Information on help with Civil Partner Dissolution coming soon... Read more »

  • Stepfamilies
    Information on working with changing families coming soon... Read more »

  • Family conflict resolution
    Relationships within families can sometimes be strained – long term rifts can open up if problems are not dealt with. Mediation offers a safe and constructive setting for diverse family members to have difficult conversations: ie, siblings, grandparents and adult children. These conversations may cover a broad range of subjects, such as family businesses, inheritance/succession... Read more »

  • Work with children
    Work with children and young people affected by separation Research indicates that children are significantly affected by parental conflict. Many parents believe it is important for the children to have a voice in decision affecting the family. At the same time they do not want to expose their children to arguments or conflict... Read more »

  • Family Mediation
    Family Mediation helps people to have a calm and constructive conversation about conflict or disputes affecting their families. Much of our work is with separated parents, but we also support parents, children, grandparents and siblings in communicating with one another. The subject matter can include separation and divorce, fallings out, tensions with teenagers, step-family difficulties,... Read more »